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Easier to manage business and processes with Office 365

Microsoft are constantly adding new features to Office 365, the additions are even confusing to us as a Microsoft partner with a long experience of Office 365. We are constantly updating us on the changes, sometimes the changes are major breakthroughs. Some of the major changes have been introduced during the last 2 months, many of them are to do with new licenses.

Let me give you some examples of changes and the impact they will have for the users and the organisations.

Secure Productivity Enterprise(SPE) is a bundling of 3 products, Office 365 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10 Enterprise. The bundles come in 2 licenses E3 and E5, with E5 being the high end (and higher priced),

Office 365 Enterprise is the E3 or E5 license, so far we have almost always been selling E3 license to our customers. We feel that the limitations of the Business Premium are so big that the lower price is not interesting.

Enterprise Mobility + Security(EMS) are features that the user don´t see much, without the features the user will see the lack of them. This feature is about control and management of devices, not only PCs but tablets and phones as well. Users are mobile so the security features have to be able to handle remotely through the cloud, we as managers of our customers are working with Intune.
The EMS is also about security such as threat detection, analysis and protection of Information. I wrote about Azure Information Protection prevoiusly, this is a service that is a part of EMS.
Windows 10 Enterprise is the version of Windows that many larger organisations have been using for years. Now even 1-man companies are able to subscribe to Windows Enterprise with SPE. Beneficial features for you as a user are better encryption, more detailed guard of Windows that may be able to keep you from getting ransomware.

Microsoft has also renamed the CRM(Contact Relation Management) system together with the other business systems. The service family is now Dynamics 365, that contain many different products. We see the bundles that are in the Dynamics family as a great asset for organisations to move to a digitized business model. The bundles of CRM and project management together with SharePoint is a fantastic suite for digital collaboration. We will be introducing these features for anyone who is interested during 2017.

we are working on a bundle that will give you as a user in the organisation all the tools you need to be a digital worker in a company with a digital business model.

Features we will give you are among all these

  • Portal for digital collaboration on documents and other information that are, Online.
  • Management and sharing of contacts, business opportunities, customers, vendors and all other information you need, all the time.
  • Digital storing of accounting information so you can work from, anywhere.
  • Ability to work from any device, be it computer(Windows or Mac), tablet and phone so you can work, with anything.

As I predicated in 2004 when I took the slogan for NetIntegrate when i founded the company.


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