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Easier to comply with GDPR when using Office 365 as replacement for other services

Office 365 is a family of products bundled together, many of the products can replace other tools for digital collaboration. I know they may not be exactly the same, but very alike.
With the adoption to be GDPR compliant it will be easier if you use the tools in Office 365 instead of alike tools. You will only have one contract to check for compliance.

Microsoft have made it easier to verify and see how they assist you with GDPR compliance at the special site for GDPR. A lot of guidance, documents and tools for working with GDPR compliance.

Let me give you some examples of the tools in Office 365 that can replace tools for collaboration that some organisations use. The benefit for the user is that the training needed is a lot less in how to handle PII(Personal Identifiable Information)


Skype for business





OneDrive for business