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Do your inbox control you?


Email is still growing and is consuming more and more of our day at work. After our workday is over we are spending alot of time reading emails. Are you as well feeling that the inbox is controlling your whole life? I have had a month now with a focus to spend less time with reading emails. My goal is to read emails 3 times a day, in the morning, before lunch and in the afternoon.

I have been talking to contacts about my goal and frankly some of them think I am totally out of my mind not reading email all the time. This proves it even more that I am right, it is you who should be in control of your mailbox and not the other way around. I am talking to contacts about my goal and asking them if email is their only source of communicating with customers, colleages and other contacts? No ne has said that email is not the only tool to communicate,  The hardest thing is to find the important information in your email archive, there is so much unnecessary information in many emails. And emails are so easily misunderstood, I experienced this week that we managed to have a good discussion and clear what has to be done in a Skype for business meeting. The meeting cleared some misunderstanding and frustration that hit us while doing email conversation with a business partner.

I wrote in my blog a couple of weeks ago about all other tools that are useful as a replacement for email. I am on my way to make this happen and it is so rewarding, the information is not stored in just my inbox so only I can read it. As the consultant Bill French wrote ”Email is where knowledge goes to di” is so true in the information heavy businesses of today and in the future.

I know you may think that I am out of my mind and simply feeding you with bullshit! I am certain that you are not aware that you have a problem or is simply denying to save yourself.

I had some good meetings this week where we discussed how to communicate best and I am happy that we agreed to have meetings over Skype(or other tools), writing notes in OneNote, starting a group in Yammer and storing files in SharePoint. It save me and the rest so much time.

Let me give you some of my views on how to ditch emails.

  • Use the telephone or Skype for business instead of emailing.
  • Stor notes on the Intranet if you know that it is vital for all to be able to read and be informed.
  • Stop using ”reply all” every time you answer on an email unless you have asked yourself 3 times, ”Do everyone need this information”?
  • If it is urgent send a text message, most of us read text messages quicker than email.
  • Use chat and forums to involve many in the conversation.
  • Have a physical meeting to meet and greet!

Are you ready to ditch email and only read and reply 3 times a day? I am confident that by end of 2016 am I ready all the way.


Have a great week and se you next sunday!