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Do you have a SharePoint librarian?


SharePoint is a place for digitally stored information, in order to know where you find the correct information it has to be easy to find.
I have seen so many different description of what SharePoint is, mainly I think it is due to the fact that SharePoint is so huge.

One of the good description is like it is a library, I know many of you may not have visited a library for years. The staff with the positions as librarians are still there, go there and find out by yourself. Their task is to keep the books easy to find for us who need to find the right book or nowadays even e-books are accessible over the Internet. These are as well as the physical books categorized and easily found if you search for them, the physical books are still in some places found by looking at physical index cards. Most of the information is though stored digital.

If you store a lot of information, documents, videos, guides and other important information in SharePoint it has to be easy to find it. SharePoint search is not working by itself unless you want an information graveyeard. It has to be trimmed and handled by a SharePoint librarian. The task is pretty much like the librarian at the library with books, DVDs and magazines.

A SharePoint librarian can make it easier by using one of the great features of SharePoint, the metadata term store. In order to make it work for you and your organisation it ha sto be categorized with terms that are regurlarly used in your organisation. A SharePoint consultant can do the task of setting it up for you, it will be extremly expensive for you as they would have to spend at least 6 months full-time working with you. The SharePoint librarian task can be outsourced but not the responsibility, this is even more important now in Europe with the new GPDR for data-privacy being enforced on all organisations in Europe.

The work with the new GPDR is going to affect SharePoint heavily as the information usually is easily tracked to a person. I realized this at an event with CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) Swedish Chapter where 2 legal advisors of data-privacy and a DPO(Data Privacy Officer) gave us in the audience butterflies in our stomachs of the amount of work that has to be performed during the next 2 years when the work has to be done to comply with the new GPDR. A SharePoint librarian now has to be informed and skilled on how to handle data privacy. The excellent search function of SharePoint will create a challenge for all organisations.

One of the good things about SharePoint is that it is so easy to start uploading documents, many who start to use SharePoint Online as a part of Office 365 uploads the documents in folders just like they were stored in the file server shares. Let me kill the myth I have heard many times in the last months by consultants who are new to Office 365.

SharePoint and OneDrive is not a file server replacement, anyone who claims that are not competent in SharePoint!

SharePoint is best navigated from the web browser and not from the file explorer. The new features of Office to be able to open files stored in SharePoint directly is one of the ways I teach customers to use SharePoint. Another way of leading the customers who still want to use SharePoint libraries with folders is to create a view that diplays the latest edited files without the use of folders.

When you have started to be more comfortable with using SharePoint there is a need for my training, I started to use SharePoint in 2006 and are still learning new features. I take it for granted that all your users were trained when you implemented SharePoint, if you did not I can assure you that you are not alone. I still talk to users of SharePoint that say ”Bloody SharePoint” just due to the fact that they did not get training, this is one of the roads to failures when it comes to user adoption. Life-long learning of SharePoint can easily be consumed by the users who have the benefit of Office 365 using SharePoint Video and OneNote books stored in SharePoint. A reason to move away from SharePoint on-prem or at least use SharePoint in a hybrid configuration.

The librarians task is also to replace outdated books and books printed with a new edition at the library, the SharePoint librarian task will be pretty much the same. To move outdated and not used subsites and site collections, trim versions, check storage. As the use of SharePoint increase in your organisation you may need to have multiple SharePoint librarians.

I can write a long post about this but I do think you will be more enlightened by speaking to me and my team, connect with us over many different sources of communications. Next week my post will guide you what service of Office 365 is best to use in different conversations. What is best to use Outlook, Skype, Yammer and when to store information in SharePoint, OneDrive for business, Office 365 gruops or OneNote for various scenarios.

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