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Do you dare to ditch email


My blog will from now on only be in english, I know that my readers from Sweden can manage this. I have seen a growing interrest from non-Swedish readers to my blog.

One of my goals for 2016 is to be less dependent on emails, I know it is a big challenge as many feel their email inbox is their whole life. I will on my blog, social media, webinars and seminars guide you through to a life where you can be less dependent on spending time to manage your inbox. I will guide you to other resources of tools to communicate with your customers and contacts in business.

The first recommendation is to change the way you open your email client that in my case is Outlook. When I open my Outlook I always get to the calender first, ”if it is not in my calendar it will not happen”. By opeming the calendar before the inbox am I able to control my schedule an d not my inbox. I also use my calendar to manage my tasks as I add events with text of what to do instead of using the tasks feature. This way I have full control and now what tasks I have to handle during the day. I also found out that I can schedule enough time to get the tasks done, as well as doing similiar tasks at the same time is good use of time. One example is I collect links to blog posts and articles in an event that I name ”Reading from sources”.

The second recommendation is to use more of OneNote for communciating with my team and also with my students on the education for SharePoint developers at the vocational school in Stockholm. OneNote is a very good tool for shareing notes, tasks, texts and other resources. I will dedicate next blog post purely to what you are able to do with OneNote.
You can print and scan to OneNote, add tasks and meeting notes that you connect to Outlook as tasks or calendar events. I plan to use OneNote more during 2016 than Outlook.
OneNote is very good for sharing as it is available on all platforms with very good apps for mobile devices. The best source for storing and sharing OneNote is SharePoint Online.

The third recommendation is to use SharePoint for sharing information, not only documents. SharePoint lists are a very good source for collaboration, this is valid for both SharePoint Online and for SharePoint On-prem. We plan to show how we work with lists in SharePoint in a webinar on the 18th of January and on a breakfast meeting in Stockholm on the 29th of January. For thos who have the benefit with Office365 E3 license the chance to use good features in SharePoint such as Content Search Web part. The feature relies on the indexing of all added information.With Office365 E3 the user also gets a OneDrive for business that is not only a document syncing feature. Every user gets their own SharePoint site, in previous versions of SharePoint was this named My Sites.

The fourth recommendation is to use other tools for communicating with persons in business.

  • Phone calls – A very good tool that is used less than it deserves. The cost of phone calls has dropped to almost nothing.
  • Text message(SMS) – I see this more important than emails.
  • Skype for business(formerly Lync) – The tool that I see are growing at the fastest pace.
  • In person meetings – Still the best way to increase trust and to get things done.
  • Social media such as Linkedin, Twitter DM and Yammer(also a tool you get with Office365 E3)

I plan to guide you through a path to be less dependendant on emails, I dare to ditch being managed by my email inbox. I will read my inbox less frequently, my goal is to read and reply to emails 3 times a day. In the morning, before lunch and at the end of the workingday. My goal is also to ditch emails at all during the weekends and vacations.