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Do not send email attachments from Office 365

 Sending attachments is not the effective way of sharing work from Office 365.

Most users are still working with sending attachments to email recipients. This is an inefficient way of working when you share information from Office 365. I will give you a couple of reasons.

  1. The recipient will most likely edit the attachment and in best case send it back to you, in worst case send it to another recipient that will edit and send it further.
  2. Attachments will make inboxes fill up, still in 2017 are many organisations limiting the amount of data a user can have in their mailbox.
  3. The attachment may be sent to the wrong recipient, how many times have you sent an email to the wrong recipient?
  4. The attachment can be blocked by the recipients mail server due to filter rules.
  5. The content of the attachment will not be able to be controlled once it leaves your organisation.

These are some of the reasons why you should ditch sending attachments, I will show you two ways of working efficiently in Office 365 with sharing files. First let me enlighten you on the last reason above. This can be controlled if you share the file link instead and your organisation are using features such as Azure Information Protection(AIP).

To efficiently share files from SharePoint or OneDrive for business you should use any of the ways I will now show you.

 Share from Outlook

If you still want to work with Outlook by opening a new email and attach the file from SharePoint or OneDrive you can set what permissions the user will get. To control what can be done with the content you have to set the classification with the file using AIP when you save the file. I have earlier written a post about AIP on this blog.

The better way of working with Office 365 is by accessing SharePoint and OneDrive from the web, I know this is a big change from your standard way of using the file explorer. I know this may be a great hurdle for you, but really how many times a day are you accessing shared information from the web browser today? More than you can imagine is my experiencing. I haven´t found anyone that is not accessing the web in a day to find information. So let me show you how to share documents in an efficient way from the web.

 Check mark the file from SharePoint or OneDrive for business, and from the menu click Share. This way you get up what looks like a form.

You start typing the recipients name and then click Share, a new window with a email in the browser will open and you can type some information to the recipient.

You can see above that the recipient will be from ”Only people in Office365skolan/NetIntegrate with the link can view and edit”, This can be changed to any of the valid once below.

 In this picture you can see that the option Anyone is grey-marked, this is due to that sharing to anonymous in our Office 365 demo environment is blocked.

I hope this has helped you gain new efficient way of working with sharing information. If you still need some guidance do not hesitate to contact us at NetIntegrate.