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Ditch Explorer and open in browser with SharePoint


When you are opening files in SharePoint, the best way of working with documents is not the traditional way by opening the file with Explorer. I say you should ditch using the Explorer.

I know this is  a major change in behavior. I know you may call me stupid, I am confident that you will like the new way. It is becoming a lot easier in SharePoint Online, the new look for SharePoint libraries will make it easier. The new look is being rolled out soon to your SharePoint. I believe that only those in 1st release program have the new look.

One of the best new features is the grid view. This view shows the file like in consumer OneDrive. Many have asked for preview of pictures and files, now it´s available.

By working in SharePoint you can search for documents. And the views can be configured to sort recent updated files. You can group them by values of certain columns. You will most likely save a lot of time each day. How much time do you spend each day searching for documents?

Open in browser

The other option is to open files directly from the Office program. Your account is already configured for Office 365. This gives you the chance to open directly from within the program. The recent opened documents that are in the list can help you. If you opened he files in ShareÅpint will the link be to SharePoint. Your recent used libraries will also show up if you go to File-Open in your Office program.


I know this may be a big hurdle to change the way you are working. I have know prepared a 1-hour introduction to guide you and your users.

I am running this as a session over Skype for business, you can email me and I will contact you to setup a session