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Disruption to OneDrive for business


You can now start using OneDrive for business more for your daily work. I heard a very good differentiation  of storing files in OneDrive for business and SharePoint Online.

SharePoint online is for storing we-files
OneDrive for business is for storing me-files

A disruption has slowly been put into production on OneDrive for business, the service you get as a user of the business-offering of Office365. Does it sound confusing? Let me try to explain.

Office 365 is not a product! It is a family of services!

You can buy the desktop client software to install locally on your PC, Mac, tablet and phone. There is a consumer, student and business segment of Office 365. In this post I will focus on the business offerings with OneDrive for business(OD4B). To make it more confusing I have to inform you that OD4B is not the same product as OneDrive (for consumer), that´s another long story.

The changes to OD4B is mostly around the new sync client that is confusingly integrating and looking like the consumer version of the sync client. Even though it is confusing is it also good, the challenges of syncing OD4B with the old client is a nightmare. This caused many customers to leave OD4B for better solutions for syncing but worse for the companies security.

The hurdles was that many found the limit of 5 000 files/folders in OD4B syncing to be an issue, and some who managed to sync that much found out that there new laptops with SSD drives got filled up with sync data. The sync client would fail and many did not realise this as the icon was mostly hidden on the status bar. The changes are welcome and are being extended in the next couple of months with the ability to sync SharePoint document libraries with the new syn client. The new client is marketed as Next Gen sync client.

The biggest advantage I see and hear from users are these

  • Choose what files and folders to sync.
  • Better User Interface of the client.
  • Better client apps for mobile devices.

If you want to have a look on how the new client behaves I have added a video from the Youtube channel of Microsoft Mechanics.