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Digitize your business


Work is not a place it is what you do. The speed of transformation of doing business will increase and create new roles, organisations and companies. The disruption of business will be enchanting to some but also scary to the majority, unless we start to talk about the transformation to a digitized business.

The disruption will create headaches for politicians, schools and for the workforce. Do you believe that your job description and title will be the same by 2020? Perhaps but most likely not by 2030. Many companies will not be in business any longer due to that they did not start the transformation to digital business, they tried to be smart and keep the old organisation and only added a digital strategy. This strategy was not put in place due to C-level did not believe in it and did not want to show weakness that they were not skilled to be managing a digital business.

The disruption will be huge to schools unless they become more digital in all aspects, the need for a total disruption of the entire education system is vital to success in the future. The education system has to become more collaboration centric and not focused only on each student. The need for digital classrooms has been neglected by many with the argument that it is not as good as a physical classroom. I have also heard that it is so expensive to setup all the technology for a digital classroom and the teachers has to be trained. Somehow I feel the expectation is to have quality in directing and technology as a Hollywood production or a live TV with hundreds of staff in the broadcasting crew.
I always ask them do you have Hollywood actors and scenes in your physical classrooms? Of course they don’t, so why should they have this for their digital classrooms? I have during the last couple of weeks had a couple of lessons using Skype for business(former Lync), it works very fine and I get good feedback from the students. I will expand this in the future as a complement to live classroom trainings.

The disruption to businesses and the workforce will create new companies, organisations and titles. I have already seen titles as CDO(Chief Digital Officer). The disruption is troubling many and are scaring. I am now seeing a lot of companies offering consultants that can service companies to adopt a digital strategy, that is a waste of time and money. The disruption has to be to totally re-organize to a digital business and there are consultants now for that as well. The challenge is that many of them are not skilled in all levels of disruption to a digital business. You need a team of skilled members of a project team, the most important aspect of a transformation to a digital business is to get user adoption. A new digital business demands a new way of doing your work.

The path to get to the goal whatever that is for your business is huge, you need to be agile in the transformation. The most important knowledge is that you have to be able to be ready to change almost all of the ways you are doing business.

Are you ready for the disruption?


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