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Constant changes to Office 365

I can fully understand that many users are feeling it hard to keep up with the changes to the Office 365 family, even I have problems as a Office 365 professional to keep up.

I will give you an insight to what changes that I know will come that will affect you and make you confused. It is not a complete list, if you want to see the official roadmap Microsoft has released it publicly.

  • SharePoint Online Communication sites, has now been rolled out. The feature will make it easier use SharePoint as Intranets.
  • New App Launcher layout, this feature will most likely confuse users. This is the tile-menu for Office 365.
  • Groups will be the new way to collaborate.
  • Constant updates to Office programs, one of the most important ones is that files are autosaved. Do not open a file as a template and make changes without saving it as a new name.
  • Yammer integration with Office 365 groups will make it easier to start using Yammer as an internal social media.
  • New webparts for SharePoint Online are already making it easier to integrate services in Office 365 in SharePoint sites.
  • New updated OneDrive program for syncing. You can sync the filelist and not the full content. This is a added to Windows as fall creators update.
  • Many security features have been added for administrators.
  • Microsoft 365 is a package with Office 365, Windows 10 and security extension Enterprise Mobility + Security.

This is some of the many added features to Office 365 and more are in the pipeline. If you need explanation and training do not hesitate to contact us.