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Communication sites


Communication sites will make it easier to design user freindly SharePoint Intranets, The standard of team sites have been limiting and many users have felt SharePoint is ugly

Many customers of SharePoint have spent tons of money on hiring or contracting developers to make SharePoint more user friendly.

With the new Communication Sites it is easy for a content administrator to create user friendly pages.

The number of new webparts that is available with these new sites is solving most of the needs for companies who want to turn SharePoint into more than just a document storage.

I sometimes here IT-pros saying that SharePoint is the replacement for a file server and that OneDrive is the replacement for homedrives. I get very frustrated to hear this, as it is completely wrong.

SharePoint is not a file server it is a CMS (Content Management System) where one content is documents.

With the new SharePoint sites it is easy to make the contents of a document to be a part of a SharePoint page.

I have some projects running now where I will together with the customers turn word documents into SharePoint pages. The users who need to read the information do not have to use Word to read the content. All they need is a web-browser.