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Cloud is inevitable


To choose Cloud services or not is not an option in todays decisionmaking. To make a decision to not choose Cloud services deamnds an explanation.

The benefits are so strong with Cloud services and the biggest obstacle for most organisations is the security issues they feel with Cloud Services. For most of the companies are Cloud services more secure than having their own servers.

Cloud is not a revolution it is an evolution for data processing, the services that are offered from the major cloud vendors are the same as the ones you install on your own servers. The big exception is that the Cloud Services are constantly updated, to perform that work with own servers is a time-consuming task that requires competent and experienced staff. Almost all updates the Cloud Service vendors are carried out automatically without human intervention.

If your organisation is subscribing to one Cloud service it is a lot easier to subscribe to another. You can mix and match to be in line with your needs and budget. With Cloud services it is no Capital Expenditures by investing in servers, software and constant work maintaining servers.

The biggest advantage is really not the cost factor it is the benefits you get in working indepent of place, together with the constant updates and new features you get with Cloud services.

Microsoft adds hundreds of new features to Office 365 and Azure every year, these features are mostly not possible for organisations with their own servers.

Are your organisation still using servers that are serviced by a contractor or that you have outsourced, you should ask your contractor of IT-services these questions.

  • Do the contractor have at least 2 redundant datacenters?
  • Can the contractor guarantee that data is stored in Europe?
  • Can the contractor deliver services that will be in compliant with the upcoming GDPR?
  • Can the contractor guarantee to have an uotime of 99.9 % monthly?
  • Can the contractor deliver more services than what you are subscribing to. Services such as Project server,web hosting, client backup, security for devices.
  • What security certifications (such as ISO 27001, 27018 and CSA Star) do the contractor have?
  • What are their strategy for handling PII(Personally Identifiable Information)?
  • What is their roadmap for their Cloud services?