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Check security reports in Office 365 admin center

As an administrator of your companies Office 365 are you able to check some security&compliance reports. These reports can show how well protected you are from spam, trojans and viruses. You can also see how tough the anti-spam filter for your email are working. If you see emails that should have been let through it is likely that you have to reconfigure that spam settings.

Microsoft has several ways to protect your users from unwanted threats,  for emails coming through Exchange Online there is several checks being done. Not all of them are verified by Microsoft ant-virus/spam software, what vendors Microsoft are using for threat control is not publicly available. What is known is that Microsoft are using 3rd party software.

The reports are divided into four parts, Auditing, Protection, Rules and DLP(Data Loss Prevention.)

Auditing is for not only mail but as well many for Azure Active Directory for those that subscribe to EMS(Enterprise Mobility + Security). The extended AD reports are being created by machine learning in Azure. Some of these are shown below in the picture.

The protection reports show a list of spam, malware and sent/received emails. Rules and DLP reports are only good if you have setup any rules or DLP for emails.

Browsing through the reports can take a long time and to be able to interpret the reports you need some knowledge.

If you need assistance with these reports are we ready to assist you with this, we can do this remotely and send you a summarized report. Click on the button below to get to a form to enter your contact details. You can also contact us by email or phone at +46 8 5000 3170.


Security reports