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Office 365 without training the end users is a road to failure

Organisations who migrate to Office 365 have to train their end users in handling the new tools of Office 365. This is noty just for Office 365 that training is needed, with Offic 365 is is crucial. Using the services is different way from what users are expecting,

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Are Office 365 groups replacing SharePoint Sites?

The feature that I thought would be a lot more used is Office 365 Groups. It seems like these are not adopted that well. My belief is that is due to users don´t know what the feature is good for. Microsoft and we in the partner community

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Easier to comply with GDPR when using Office 365 as replacement for other services

Office 365 is a family of products bundled together, many of the products can replace other tools for digital collaboration. I know they may not be exactly the same, but very alike. With the adoption to be GDPR compliant it will be easier if you use the

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Security awareness is crucial for good implementation of ICT security

When organisations invest in purchasing, configuring and installing security it is stupid to not train the users in security awareness. I have unfortunately seen this many times. In Sweden we were informed a couple of weeks ago of a security breach at the Swedish Transport Authority. When

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Mail filters in Office 365

With the EU Data Privacy regulation GDPR the need to control what is sent outside of the organisation is increasing. For companies with Office 365 it is possible to create filters to block emails containing PII(Personally Identifiable Information). Above is an example of a filter that rejects

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Management of Office 365 is best performed using PowerShell

Managing Office 365 using GUI(Graphical User Interface) is a task for a very small company and definitely not a Microsoft partner should use in 2017. Like many other Microsoft solutions is the best practice to manage Office 365 using PowerShell. With the new features coming to Office

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No chain is stronger than the weakest link

Security incidents happen all the time, this weekend started with a bad ramsom-ware attack causing mission-critical systems to a halt. Most incidents can be avoided if you predict them and try to secure the systems so the systems can stand an attack. This past week I have

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Training of end users is the most important security investments

With the upcoming GDPR for personal identifiable information (PII) many consultants, lawyers, security professionals and vendors are selling services and products for compliance. The most important investment all organizations can do is to raise the awareness and competence by training their end users in being aware of

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Your corporate network firewall is no longer the focal point

 No chain is stronger than the weakest link   Many companies are investing far too much on the firewall to the corporate network. Not only in purchasing bur as well for  service contract and man-hours of configuration. Don´t fool yourself your users are no longer tied to

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Be less dependent on emails, do you dare to be different?

  Do you dare to replace most emails with other ways to communicate? Emails are taking too much time for most of us to handle, our inboxes are filled with messages that most likely could be communicated using other means of communication. This post will guide you through

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