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Be less dependent on emails, do you dare to be different?

  Do you dare to replace most emails with other ways to communicate? Emails are taking too much time for most of us to handle, our inboxes are filled with messages that most likely could be communicated using other means of communication. This post will guide you through

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Easier to manage business and processes with Office 365

Microsoft are constantly adding new features to Office 365, the additions are even confusing to us as a Microsoft partner with a long experience of Office 365. We are constantly updating us on the changes, sometimes the changes are major breakthroughs. Some of the major changes have

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Cloud is inevitable

To choose Cloud services or not is not an option in todays decisionmaking. To make a decision to not choose Cloud services deamnds an explanation. The benefits are so strong with Cloud services and the biggest obstacle for most organisations is the security issues they feel with

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SharePoint site structure

SharePoint is a web application with a confusing structure. When an administrator setup SharePoint server they usually create a site collection, when a company signs up for Office 365 with SharePoint they get a site collection. The web url for the first site collection for Office 365

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Project Online or Project Server

Are you using Project Server today and consider to be moving to Project Online? Project Online is becoming more used by companies to better document their projects. Some of them move from Project Server to Project Online. I can surely understand the plan since it will be

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Can Planner be a contender to Microsoft Project?

  Microsoft is now releasing the new feature Planner for Office 365 users, I have had the feature for several months. We get the new features in advance as a part of the first release program. I recommend all companies to setup a test-tenant of Office 365,

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