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Working with Office 365 is not the same as working with traditional IT

  To be fully productive with Office 365 the users need to change their behavior. It is not like working with traditional IT-systems with files on a server and an email server inside of the firewall. The change of behavior and way of working is most likely

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Big SharePoint news announced, renaming url for Office 365

Microsofts Bill Bear (Senior Product Marketing Manager SharePoint) wrote on the site uservioce that the development team have started to work on the most reguested feature. First some background to the issue, when a customer creates an Office 365 tenant they get a domain under the huge

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The future of SharePoint

If you asked me 2 years ago about the future of SharePoint my answer would have been that I was not certain it had much of future more than a part of Office 365. Today I am convinced that SharePoint is driving the future of Office 365,

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My Christmas wishes for SharePoint Online

I have had a fantastic year filled with experiences with assisting customers in working with SharePoint. I have had may be amazed of what they can do with SharePoint to not only use SharePoint as a document storage. The use of SharePoint as an Intranet has been

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What service in Office 365 to use?

  What service should you use in Office 365 to perform the tasks during the day? This is a question that many users ask and get a lot of confused about. I will try to bring some answers. There is no one solution that works for everyone,

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Business process automation with Microsoft Flow

Automating work at the office is still not so explored as it is in the manufacturing industry. This is undergoing a huge change in the next decade, businesses will make use of IT to be more efficient by automating tasks. Microsoft is helping us who use Office

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Integrate SharePoint with other systems

SharePoint development does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. I meet customers that are afraid of SharePoint as they obviously have bad experiences from old projects. These projects have most likely involved a team of .net developers spending months of coding. I see it as the

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Communication sites

  Communication sites will make it easier to design user freindly SharePoint Intranets, The standard of team sites have been limiting and many users have felt SharePoint is ugly Many customers of SharePoint have spent tons of money on hiring or contracting developers to make SharePoint more

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SharePoint lists and pages

SharePoint is not a replacement for a file server! It is an Intranet with many different types of content, unfortunately is the most common content documents in SharePoint Online. I say it is like moving a filing cabinet in an 18-meter long truck. SharePoint is a lot

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Constant changes to Office 365

I can fully understand that many users are feeling it hard to keep up with the changes to the Office 365 family, even I have problems as a Office 365 professional to keep up. I will give you an insight to what changes that I know will

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