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Easier to comply with GDPR when using Office 365 as replacement for other services

Office 365 is a family of products bundled together, many of the products can replace other tools for digital collaboration. I know they may not be exactly the same, but very alike. With the adoption to be GDPR compliant it will be easier if you use the

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Data loss prevention in Office 365

Office 365 is being used more and more, the number of companies using Office 365 is growing as well as the usage from companies who have used it for a long time. With the growing usage the amount of important data is growing as well. Companies who

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Be less dependent on emails, do you dare to be different?

  Do you dare to replace most emails with other ways to communicate? Emails are taking too much time for most of us to handle, our inboxes are filled with messages that most likely could be communicated using other means of communication. This post will guide you through

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Are groups the new centerplace in Office 365?

Groups in Office 365 is becoming the focal point for most of the collaboration. Many new and existing features are parts of the Office 365 groups. Microsoft is also rolling out new procedure for creating SharePoint site collections as Office 365 Groups. Features of Groups are the

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Work paperless

I would like to introduce you to a life where all your information is digital, and you were not in need of paper. I am not yet there myself but very much on my way. My goal is to be working paperless fully by mid of 2017,

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What is the difference with Microsoft and Office 365 account?

I have had the experience this week once again to explain why a Microsoft account and an Office 365 account can collide when you try to access Microsoft services such as Office 365. Microsoft account is the personal account that you use when you access OneDrive consumer

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What is Office 365 groups

The feature of Office 365 that is evolving quickly is the Office 365 groups, but what is it and what should I use it for? This post will get your mind on what some of the benefits is for your business. All of the features of Office

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New Office 365 features, do you use them?

Office 365 comes with many new features all the time, it is a challenge to keep up with the new features added constantly. Even I as an experienced consultant with experience of Office 365 all since it was named BPOS have a hard time to keep up

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Do you have a SharePoint librarian?

SharePoint is a place for digitally stored information, in order to know where you find the correct information it has to be easy to find. I have seen so many different description of what SharePoint is, mainly I think it is due to the fact that SharePoint

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Do your inbox control you?

Email is still growing and is consuming more and more of our day at work. After our workday is over we are spending alot of time reading emails. Are you as well feeling that the inbox is controlling your whole life? I have had a month now

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