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What do you want about #Office365 to learn from my blog?

I am sorry that I missed the deadline for posting to my blog, I was fully busy handling how to deal with a snowstorm that hit me and my wife. We have spent the weekend skiing in Åre, Sweden, we should have gone back yesterday. All trains

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Use SharePoint to store more than documents

I meet many that only know SharePoint as a document management system, in fact it is a Content Management System(CMS). Just like other CMS is it a webfrontend with a database backend. To store documents is a good fit for using SharePoint, especially if you use the

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SharePoint Online development the new way

Development for SharePoint is a task that has been harder for customers that use Office 365. Microsoft even has created guidelines to refrain from too much development. Traditionally developers would create extensively coded solutions for SharePoint that would include access to the SharePoint database and a lot

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onedrive and onedrive for business are not the same product

I wrote a post almost 3 years ago in Swedish what is the difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for business. The important is that these are not the same product even though they have almost the same name. Unfortunately did not Microsoft listen to the IT pro

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Planinng for migrating to SharePoint

 SharePoint Online is no fileserver! Are you planning to migrate your fileshare to SharePoint, my advice is that you should not do a 100% migration by copying all the files using the file explorer. Many organisations with Office 365 are now ready to start using SharePoint. Up

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Audit logs Office 365

The number of security features in Office 365 is growing, one of the cool features we at NetIntegrate have been implementing lately is logging and alerts. To fully be able to setup the alerts you do need Office 365 E5 plan.The feature is administered from the Security

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Check security reports in Office 365 admin center

As an administrator of your companies Office 365 are you able to check some security&compliance reports. These reports can show how well protected you are from spam, trojans and viruses. You can also see how tough the anti-spam filter for your email are working. If you see

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SharePoint permissions can be a nightmare and a security issue

One of the biggest challenge as a SharePoint consultant is to convince customers to keep permissions. Some want to break permissions down the path in SharePoint. It is a nightmare to administer and control. If you make a mistake so that a user can access more than they

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What is your process for handling personal data?

You are storing a lot of data that is PII(Personally Identifiable Information) in all your ICT-systems. Are you aware of the process how the PII is handled in your organisation? In the picture above I have created a simple picture for you to start with, I showed

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Are groups the new centerplace in Office 365?

Groups in Office 365 is becoming the focal point for most of the collaboration. Many new and existing features are parts of the Office 365 groups. Microsoft is also rolling out new procedure for creating SharePoint site collections as Office 365 Groups. Features of Groups are the

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