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Big SharePoint news announced, renaming url for Office 365

Microsofts Bill Bear (Senior Product Marketing Manager SharePoint) wrote on the site uservioce that the development team have started to work on the most reguested feature. First some background to the issue, when a customer creates an Office 365 tenant they get a domain under the huge

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Do not send email attachments from Office 365

 Sending attachments is not the effective way of sharing work from Office 365. Most users are still working with sending attachments to email recipients. This is an inefficient way of working when you share information from Office 365. I will give you a couple of reasons. The

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SharePoint Online development the new way

Development for SharePoint is a task that has been harder for customers that use Office 365. Microsoft even has created guidelines to refrain from too much development. Traditionally developers would create extensively coded solutions for SharePoint that would include access to the SharePoint database and a lot

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Clients for mobile device management

Much has written about managing computers and locking down access and sharing with Azure Information Protection, Intune and Azure Active directory. This is not the answer to what the users of Office 365 would benefit from the most. More and more of our work is being done

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Managing Office 365 with Azure and not the old admin portal

This is a blog series that starts today nand it is also a new format of the blog, I am moving over to videoblog instead of a written blog, the videos are uploaded to our Youtube Channel. I hope you feel this change is of benefit to

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Windows Information Protection now from Azure AD

Finally are Microsoft moving the Intune configuration into Azure AD and in the new portal. This make it is easier to configure policies and connect them to Azure AD Groups. The issue was that Microsoft required users to use Internet Explorer to work with Intune, the admin

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Management of Office 365 is best performed using PowerShell

Managing Office 365 using GUI(Graphical User Interface) is a task for a very small company and definitely not a Microsoft partner should use in 2017. Like many other Microsoft solutions is the best practice to manage Office 365 using PowerShell. With the new features coming to Office

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Device management with Office 365 for non-windows devices

 Control MacOS devices with Intune   Many users are switching from Windows devices to other client OS such as macOS, iOS and Android. Even Microsoft have noted this and have for a long time been able to control these devices with their service Intune. This is a

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Secure your users access to Office 365

With the upcoming EU regulation for data privacy the need to control your users use of the cloud service Office 365 is important. The best add-on from Microsoft for this is Enterprise Mobilitity+Security(EMS). There are many features you get with EMS so I recommend to start with

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Lock your Office 365 users to only access services from the office

Office 365 can be made very secure service, even more secure than most non-cloud solutions. Microsoft is spending a huge amount of money improving the services of Office 365. Today I will write about the service Conditional access that is a part of Azure Active Directory(AAD) Premium.

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