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How do you keep up with the changes in Office 365?

Office 365 is a SAAS(Software as a solution) that is constantly updated and improved. You as a user will get these once they are released, the benefit with always being updated with the latest software can by some user feel disruptive. If you are running Office 365

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SharePoint permissions can be a nightmare and a security issue

One of the biggest challenge as a SharePoint consultant is to convince customers to keep permissions. Some want to break permissions down the path in SharePoint. It is a nightmare to administer and control. If you make a mistake so that a user can access more than they

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Be less dependent on emails, do you dare to be different?

  Do you dare to replace most emails with other ways to communicate? Emails are taking too much time for most of us to handle, our inboxes are filled with messages that most likely could be communicated using other means of communication. This post will guide you through

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SharePoint permissions guidelines

Many companies are struggling with setting correct permissions on SharePoint sites, subsites, libraries, lists and pages. Even more so with SharePoint Online that is constantly updated with new features. Some of these new features are based on the Office 365 groups, I have previously written posts on

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Easier to manage business and processes with Office 365

Microsoft are constantly adding new features to Office 365, the additions are even confusing to us as a Microsoft partner with a long experience of Office 365. We are constantly updating us on the changes, sometimes the changes are major breakthroughs. Some of the major changes have

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Cloud is inevitable

To choose Cloud services or not is not an option in todays decisionmaking. To make a decision to not choose Cloud services deamnds an explanation. The benefits are so strong with Cloud services and the biggest obstacle for most organisations is the security issues they feel with

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Classify documents directly in Office

I wrote 6 weeks ago about an online conference where I gave aa technical speech. The speech was about adoption to the GDPR(EUs dataprivacy legislation) using Microsoft Cloud. Today I showed how the central configuration of classification is done in Microsoft Azure. Today I will show how

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Watch livestream from Ignite next week

Today opens registration  for Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, over 1 200 sessions to choose from. Most of them will be livestreamed, if not you will most likely be able to watch them on Microsofts Channel 9. There will most likely be a lot of new things presented

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SharePoint Online turning mobile friendly

Microsoft is working a lot on making SharePoint Online more friendly for users that are on the go. The new web UI(User Inteface) is not only better on a computer screen. It is a lot easier to navigate on a smart phone. Microsoft is beginning to roll-out

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Is SharePoint scary?

 I want you to love SharePoint I hear sometimes for users that SharePoint is scary, so I created a Video that you can watch. In the video I show a few things to make you more familiar with SharePoint. In the coming weeks will I show you

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