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Planinng for migrating to SharePoint

 SharePoint Online is no fileserver! Are you planning to migrate your fileshare to SharePoint, my advice is that you should not do a 100% migration by copying all the files using the file explorer. Many organisations with Office 365 are now ready to start using SharePoint. Up

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Mail filters in Office 365

With the EU Data Privacy regulation GDPR the need to control what is sent outside of the organisation is increasing. For companies with Office 365 it is possible to create filters to block emails containing PII(Personally Identifiable Information). Above is an example of a filter that rejects

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Stop emails before they reach users mailbox

One of the features that many don´t know about with Office 365 is the Exchange Online Protection(EOP). This feature is available in all license plans for organisations, even the Exchange Online Plan 1. With this feature your organisation gets anti-malware and anit-virus protection inside of the mailserver.

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16 years of evolution for SharePoint

This past week was the day when SharePoint turned 16! It was on the 28th of March 2001 that SharePoint was released. Looking back is nothing that I feel is interesting. For those who want to read about the SharePoint history can read this post by Bill

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Are you ready to ditch sending attachments?

How many attachments are you handling everyday in your inbox? Are you sending out attached documents to several recipients and ask for edits? How much time do you spend on merging the edits into one single documents and then send out the document again asking for more

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OneDrive for business are improved, best for GDPR?

One of the features of Office 365 that are most debated is OneDrive for Business(OD4B), is also one of the most misunderstood features. Many think of it as a replacement for Dropbox or a direct competitor with Dropbox. In some areas they do compete directly, however with

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More security settings with OneDrive for business

New feature in preview to control OneDrive for business(OD4B). This wweek a new features was added that will assist many organisations to keep information safe inside the company. With Office 365 each user by default get a 1 TB storage limit for personal (work-related?) files in OD4B.

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How accurate are your files?

Many are still struggling and fighting to keep storing files like we have done since file storage started. With folders and subfolders and subfolders of subfolders. How accurate is your data when you store it that way? I have not seen any storage that did not have

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Disruption to OneDrive for business

You can now start using OneDrive for business more for your daily work. I heard a very good differentiation  of storing files in OneDrive for business and SharePoint Online. SharePoint online is for storing we-files OneDrive for business is for storing me-files A disruption has slowly been

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Is SharePoint online still SharePoint?

 Do I still love SharePoint? The changes have made me lost. SharePoint Online is not the same as SharePoint 2013. In order to be more adopted to mobile it has a new UI(User Interface). Microsoft’s statement ”Mobile first, Cloud first” is really affecting their products UI. There

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