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Business process automation with Microsoft Flow

Automating work at the office is still not so explored as it is in the manufacturing industry. This is undergoing a huge change in the next decade, businesses will make use of IT to be more efficient by automating tasks.

Microsoft is helping us who use Office 365 with the feature Flow, there are a lot of samples to start with but to make magic you would need a cloud developer. This is a new technique and most developer firms have not started to educate their staff in being ready for using Microsoft Flow.
What are some of the things you can do with Flow?

  • From a list in SharePoint create a user account in Office 365 with the right license.
  • From a list in SharePoint remove a user account in Office 365.
  • When an email is received with an attachment a Flow can save the attachment in SharePoint
  • When a document is save or modified an approval email can be sent to a decision maker.
  • When a tweet is posted on Twitter an email can be sent to several recipients.

These are just a couple of the easier automations that can be created by using Microsoft Flow. To explore more what you can automate with Flow get in contact with us today.