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Benefits of Azure Information Protection policies

I gave a short introduction to the new package Microsoft 365 a bundle of Office 365, Windows Enterprise E3/E5 and Emterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). With EMS you get a feature for classifying and protecting documents with the service Azure Information Protection (AIP).

Setting up the configuration and following up how AIP works is a work that requires knowledge, experience and logical thinking. This is best handled by experienced staff, either if your organisation has it in-house or by a consultant from a Microsoft Partner. The benefits for you as an organisation will be important enough to justify the cost of ISM(Installation, support and Maintenance).

Some of the benefits are these:

  • Protect documents from being read by unauthorized recipients.
  • Prevent documents from leaving the organisation.
  • Prevent users from accessing Cloud applications from non-controlled devices or outside of the office.
  • Block access to documents from being printed, copied or sent to other recipients.

These are some of the policies that can be configured, these settings will assist your users to comply with company regulations and keep your valuable information from leaving the company.

You can be given a cost-free guidance in an online meeting, the amount of time will be about 20-30 minutes. You can already now book a time from first week of August.



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