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Be less dependent on emails, do you dare to be different?

  Do you dare to replace most emails with other ways to communicate?

Emails are taking too much time for most of us to handle, our inboxes are filled with messages that most likely could be communicated using other means of communication.
This post will guide you through some of the other sources for communication that you can find in Office 365. I will show you how you can move away from being totally dependent on emails, to be in control of your inbox. This is not going to be a post that email is dead or email is bad, emails are a good source for communicating but it is not the perfect choice for all tasks.

The other ways of communicating in Office 365 are these;

  • SharePoint is not only about documents, used as an intranet for the organization or for project groups most company or group wide messages can be posted without emails.
  • Yammer is not dead, mostly I hear from IT-consultants that Yammer is not good. Yammer is a communication platform that has to be controlled by others than IT-staff.
    Yammer is a good source for finding out or sharing information for a group of people where the best source of answers are unclear.
  • Skype for business is a vital tool in mine and many others daily working life. Skype can be used instead of many emails. Chat is the start, call is the second and meeting is the third stage.
  • Planner and Project Online is a good tool for prioritizing work to be done. It can be used many times instead of Outlook tasks, activities are not personal and needs prioritization.
  • Delve can if the users have filled in their profile be used for finding out what experiences are hidden in the company, what projects/jobs have your co-workers had in the past?
    Delve is also a good source for what your co-workers are working with, what documents are they working on?
  • OneNote if you store it in a document library in SharePoint Online is a god source for meeting notes, collecting customer needs. The digital filing cabinets that will make you paperless.
  • Office 365 Video is a good source for company videos and training, you can build your digital classroom for the organization. Your CEO, CMO, CISO and all others can share company-wide videos in the organization.
  • OneDrive for business is the place for your own working documents, sometimes you need an opinion from your co-workers before you publish it on SharePoint.
  • Microsoft Teams is rolling out and will be a good source for collaboration. Not only for development teams it will be good for all activity-rich teams in the organisation.
  • Office 365 Groups is a family for most of the above, a Microsoft Team are planning in Planner, the group is Skype-enabled(invite the whole group), a notebook is created in OneNote, Yammer is now Groups connected(has to be configured), a full SharePoint team site is created for the group, messages can be sent to the whole group or just a part of the group.
  • Office 365 groups are accessible from Outlook, a group calendar is available so you can plan meetings for the group. Meetings that can be Skype-meetings with notes taken in OneNote, files stored in SharePoint, activities planned in Planner, discussions before, during and after the meeting taking place either in the chat in teams, groups or in Yammer.
    All this without sending one single email! How many messages are replaced by a more effective way of working than filling the inbox with too many messages?

    How would the effectiveness with exchanging emails with modern ways of communicating affect your business?


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