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Do you have a lot of data that you don´t want to loose? Do you use ”manual” process for backup? With manual I mean exchanging tapes or disks. Are you really sure that you have a backup that can be used for restoring data?

Most IT-professionals are aware that you don´t know if the backup works if you have not used it for restoring data. The challenge is also to change the backup media such as tapes and disks. Also store them is another challenge, most companies store the media in the same building as the servers. If anything happens to the building such as a fire it is not wise to store them in the same building.

The cloud or online backup has been a source for storing backups, now that many companies are getting higher bandwidth the cloud backup is good for them. The solution that Microsoft has in Azure was primarily developed for backing up Virtual machines.

The service is now possible to use even for Windows clients, not yet for Mac clients. It is a very easy to use client software, a little tricky to install for an end user. Azure backup needs of course a subscription to setup the service.

The benefits of the service is that it is encrypted before transfer and even compressed. The speed is very good even n a 6-year old desktop with an old slow AMD processor. The passphrase (password-like) is stored in your PC and is not transferred to Microsoft, if you secure your PC good will your data be quite safe.

On an Azure subscription you can have many Azure backup services, each service is sharing the passphrase. Any client that use the same passphrase can restore data to their client. If you want to isolate data you would need to add several Azure backup services to the same subscription. You can also have several subscription if you need to isolate the payments. For backing up data for most users will cost about 100 USD for 6 months. For that you will get up-to 500 GB backed up in total.

For the user it is easy to configure the client to backup data, we have also prepared a guide for our customers.


If you purchase the service before 30th of June you will get an online meeting where we guide you how to setup the service at no cost. Reserve your seat today with the button below, or phone us at +46 8 5000 3170.



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