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Are you still trying to fight the cloud?


Embrace the cloud

I am even today meeting and talking to IT-staff that are trying to fight the cloud, are you as well?

I have now lived in the cloud totally since 2009 with my company, we have almost all data in the cloud. The decision was easy for me when our server had a problem for the second time. I had to work almost all night to restore it to be working again. I took the decision to migrate to Microsofts BPOS(Business Productivity Online Suite), that was the predecessor of Office 365.

We have data that we don´t store in the cloud that we feel are to sensitive, like many others have. I can´t understand tose who claim they have all their data on-prem(not in the cloud) since everything is higly confidential. I don´t believe that all their data is so sensitive that it has to be stored on-prem. If that was the case they would not be able to email any information.

As more and more organisations move into the cloud will all data eemailed eventually be stored in the cloud. A company with all data on-prem will expose information to the cloud when any data is emailed.

Cloud is here to stay and all of us who work in IT has to accept the fact. Trying to fight the cloud in 2016 is not possible. I say adopt or find a new job outside of IT. That does not mean that all data should be stored into the cloud. Cloud is one of many options that IT-staff has to suggest to BDMs(Business Decision Managers).

I still hear IT-staff saying that our users don´t use cloud services at all. I simply don´t believe that is true. The use and purchase of Cloud services is so easy so you don´t have to be skilled as an IT-employee to set it up.

This week showed that Cloud is here for all Microsoft partners when the announcement that 12 Microsoft competencies will be discontinued. One of them is the Hosting competency that many smaller Microsoft partners obtain. These partners now have to stop fighting the cloud and adopt. You don´t have to worship the cloud but embrace it.