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Are you ready to ditch sending attachments?

How many attachments are you handling everyday in your inbox? Are you sending out attached documents to several recipients and ask for edits?

How much time do you spend on merging the edits into one single documents and then send out the document again asking for more editing?

Have you estimated the time you spent on these edits, merge of edits? You are most likely spending hours and hours of time on this process? Time you could spend on other tasks and in best case spend less time working overtime. Wouldn’t it be nicer to spend time doing your favorite hobby and be with your family and friends instead?

The process of ditching attachments is a mind-breaking process for many that start to work with SharePoint and OneDrive, it is with the huge amount of organizations that shift to Office 365 more common. Unfortunately are many not being taught the process of moving away from attachments and use the links to documents in SharePoint. Mostly due to that many still setup a SharePoint project as an IT-project, it is clearly not an IT-project. SharePoint is not a replacement of a file server it is an Intranet for digital collaboration.

The best way of shifting from attachments to sending links in SharePoint is to train the users in a new way of working. I hold training of end users almost every week how to do best use Office 365 and SharePoint or OneDrive for business. The first point I make is the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive, the best way that I have found out is this.

OneDrive is ”me-files” and SharePoint is ”we-files”

There are 2 ways of working with attachments that I see as best practice, one is sharing from SharePoint and the best in my opinion is share directly from the Microsoft Office application.



Are you now ready to ditch attachments and free huge amount of hours doing what you want?

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