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Are Office 365 groups replacing SharePoint Sites?

The feature that I thought would be a lot more used is Office 365 Groups. It seems like these are not adopted that well. My belief is that is due to users don´t know what the feature is good for.

Microsoft and we in the partner community have not been all clear to the users. We sometimes feel that users are just going to adopt a new feature just by writing on a blog or a website. Sometimes are we even producing a video or doing a webinar. It´s just not enough for most users.

I have said many times that customers are not buying the product or service that companies offer, they buy the confidence that the company can deliver what they need to make the work easier for the user. We have to stop talking about feature, low monthly cost for the products and services. The user wants the benefits of working smarter and more efficient.

For most customers the use of Office 365 Groups would benefit a lot by using them, the groups do contain

  • Group email address
  • Group calendar
  • Chat
  • SharePoint site collection with a shared OneNote notebook.
  • A shared plan in Planner.
  • A possibility to create a Yammer group
  • A group to share Power BI data.

All these are benefits that are seen directly by the user, there are a couple of features that are good for the administrator of the Office 365 such as a security group.

One of the benefits that many have still to be aware of is that the Files tab is not just a File Share for the Group, it is actually a Document Library in a SharePoint Site Collection that usually get the same name as the group. I say usually since that is not fully true, if you already have a Group named the same as your new, the link to the Site Collection would be

So if this is a full SharePoint Site Collection based on the Team site template why do you need to create Team sites anymore?
The only reason I can think of is that you don´t want the extra features I mentioned above that comes with an Office 365 Group.

As a user you do have a tight integration with Office 365 Groups in the Office programs.

Do you need to know what Office 365 Groups can do for you, connect and we will set up a Skype Session to show you.


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