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Monthly archive for mars 2017

SharePoint permissions can be a nightmare and a security issue

One of the biggest challenge as a SharePoint consultant is to convince customers to keep permissions. Some want to break permissions down the path in SharePoint. It is a nightmare to administer and control. If you make a mistake so that a user can access more than they

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Your corporate network firewall is no longer the focal point

 No chain is stronger than the weakest link   Many companies are investing far too much on the firewall to the corporate network. Not only in purchasing bur as well for  service contract and man-hours of configuration. Don´t fool yourself your users are no longer tied to

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Are you ready to ditch sending attachments?

How many attachments are you handling everyday in your inbox? Are you sending out attached documents to several recipients and ask for edits? How much time do you spend on merging the edits into one single documents and then send out the document again asking for more

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Classify content to comply with GDPR

It is not enough to classify documents to comply with GDPR, especially here in Sweden, the Swedish Data Privacy law does not count unstructured data as data that is applicable to the law. Emails, posts on Intranet, notes in CRM and other systems will be governed by

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