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Monthly archive for november 2016

What is your process for handling personal data?

You are storing a lot of data that is PII(Personally Identifiable Information) in all your ICT-systems. Are you aware of the process how the PII is handled in your organisation? In the picture above I have created a simple picture for you to start with, I showed

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Are groups the new centerplace in Office 365?

Groups in Office 365 is becoming the focal point for most of the collaboration. Many new and existing features are parts of the Office 365 groups. Microsoft is also rolling out new procedure for creating SharePoint site collections as Office 365 Groups. Features of Groups are the

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How accurate are your files?

Many are still struggling and fighting to keep storing files like we have done since file storage started. With folders and subfolders and subfolders of subfolders. How accurate is your data when you store it that way? I have not seen any storage that did not have

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Practical work with security and risk assessment

In order to do the practical work with a security and risk assessment you need to be familiar with the technology you are using. You also need to have the diagrams I wrote about last week. The work to be done is to identify how the data

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