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Monthly archive for oktober 2016

Practical Cloud Security

 No chain is stronger than the weakest link This past week has finally security been a discussion not only in the ICT business. Friday of last week the big DDOS-atack on the provider DYN in the US affected also government sites here in Sweden. The attack was

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How to adopt Microsoft Cloud services to EUs GDPR

I was speaking at the online conference Collab365 this week. For those of you who missed my session is it now available on YouTube to watch. In my speech I was showing how to in prectice adopt services to GDPR, there are many consultants and legal counselors

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Will sync be possible with GDPR?

Many users want to sync all data from their cloud service, I am trying to convinve that syncing is not a feaature for all files stored in the cloud. The feature is unfortunately not explained correctly by some vendors of sync solutions. In my favorite online storage

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What is personal data?

§ The adoption of your organisation to the new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is hopefully on your agenda. You have until 25th of May 2018 to be ready and compliant, the deadline is not negtiable. GDPR is about data privacy with 2 major benefits(in my opinion),

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New app launcher for Office 365

Microsoft has released a new app launcher for Office 365, you need to change the documentation and retrain your end users. To get the new look you now you need to be on first release program. We at NetIntegrate have 3 Office 365 tenants, production, demo and

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