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Monthly archive for juli 2016

SharePoint security

There are many good features for security in SharePoint, especially if your organisation are using SharePoint Online with Office 365. Every user is part of an Active Directory(AD) out of Microsoft Azure. This is even if your organisation does not have any servers, even if your organisation

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SharePoint site structure

SharePoint is a web application with a confusing structure. When an administrator setup SharePoint server they usually create a site collection, when a company signs up for Office 365 with SharePoint they get a site collection. The web url for the first site collection for Office 365

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SharePoint pages are vital to SharePoint

Every time you access SharePoint using web browser(best to use Internet Explorer) you do it with a SharePoint page. SharePoint is a web application delivered to users  from IIS(Internet Information Services). Even accessing a document library is a SharePoint page, the view you see(usually All documents) is

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SharePoint is not only for documents

I am somewhat troubled to still in 2016, hear even IT-consultants claim that SharePoint is for documents. It is fascinating that after 15 years it is still not used as it should by many. I gave a speech about the road to failure for a SharePoint project,

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New sync client for OneDrive

Microsoft has released a new sync client for OneDrive. Yes it is a universal sync client for business and consumer version. The old sync client for Onederive for business and SharePoint, has been a big issue for concern. Microsoft has put a lot of manhours in creating

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