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Monthly archive for maj 2016

Microsoft Azure is more than virtual servers

A big misunderstanding is that Microsoft Azure is for virtual servers. Yes, that is one of the services out of many. More services are added every month to Azure. Many customers are moving over to be using Azure. It is being used for so many things other than

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Sharing is caring SharePoint Saturday came to Stockholm

SharePoint community is a fantastic bunch of professionals all dedicated so much to SharePoint that they spend a nice Saturday inside to meet. The session is not hosted by Microsoft, it is being organized by SharePoint Professionals. The Stockholm event was organised by the team from Rencore,

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Ditch Explorer and open in browser with SharePoint

When you are opening files in SharePoint, the best way of working with documents is not the traditional way by opening the file with Explorer. I say you should ditch using the Explorer. I know this is  a major change in behavior. I know you may call

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SharePoint (r)evolution

The past week has been one of the most important weeks for SharePoint. The release of the new SharePoint 2016 and the show, Future of SharePoint led by Microsofts VP for OneDrive and SharePoint Jeff Teper. He sumnarized the news in a blog post on the Office blog.

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Will SharePoint 2016 be a contender to SharePoint Online?

A little more than a year ago did I and many others in the business predict that SharePoint as a product would be less talked about and be an integrated part of Office 365. When SharePoint 2016 is now being more talked about the question is now,

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