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Monthly archive for april 2016

Will APIs disrupt software development?

Developing solutions to customize systems like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and tailor-made applications are usually expensive. The amount of time and developers are usually preventing customers from accepting the solutions. With the use and adoption of Cloud solutions by SMEs will require a disruption for software developers. There

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Are you still trying to fight the cloud?

I am even today meeting and talking to IT-staff that are trying to fight the cloud, are you as well? I have now lived in the cloud totally since 2009 with my company, we have almost all data in the cloud. The decision was easy for me

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Work paperless

I would like to introduce you to a life where all your information is digital, and you were not in need of paper. I am not yet there myself but very much on my way. My goal is to be working paperless fully by mid of 2017,

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What is the difference with Microsoft and Office 365 account?

I have had the experience this week once again to explain why a Microsoft account and an Office 365 account can collide when you try to access Microsoft services such as Office 365. Microsoft account is the personal account that you use when you access OneDrive consumer

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