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Monthly archive for mars 2016

Digitize your business

Work is not a place it is what you do. The speed of transformation of doing business will increase and create new roles, organisations and companies. The disruption of business will be enchanting to some but also scary to the majority, unless we start to talk about

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What is Office 365 groups

The feature of Office 365 that is evolving quickly is the Office 365 groups, but what is it and what should I use it for? This post will get your mind on what some of the benefits is for your business. All of the features of Office

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OneDrive for business and OneDrive is not the same product

You are not alone if you are not aware that the two OneDrive is not the same product. Many are troubled with what the difference is between OneDrive for business and OneDrive. The only common thing is that you can store files and that they have the

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Office 365 can make it easier to comply with the new GPDR in EU

IRM can help your organisation control the information in order to prevent leakage.

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