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Monthly archive for februari 2016

New Office 365 features, do you use them?

Office 365 comes with many new features all the time, it is a challenge to keep up with the new features added constantly. Even I as an experienced consultant with experience of Office 365 all since it was named BPOS have a hard time to keep up

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Do you have a SharePoint librarian?

SharePoint is a place for digitally stored information, in order to know where you find the correct information it has to be easy to find. I have seen so many different description of what SharePoint is, mainly I think it is due to the fact that SharePoint

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Bloody SharePoint, no I love SharePoint

Exactly a year ago I was attending the SharePoint Saturday in my hometown Stockholm, it was on the 14th of February so there was love to SharePoint on Valentines day. Not everyone loves SharePoint, I meet frustrated users of SharePoint when I tell them about my job

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Do your inbox control you?

Email is still growing and is consuming more and more of our day at work. After our workday is over we are spending alot of time reading emails. Are you as well feeling that the inbox is controlling your whole life? I have had a month now

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