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Monthly archive for januari 2016

User adoption of SharePoint

My mission is to get users to love SharePoint, I know that may seem as a huge task. I have been told by users that they don´t like SharePoint, as a matter of fact some even say ”not that bloody SharePoint!”. Usually it ends upo that the

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Use OneNote to be digital

OneNote is a very good tool to be working all digital, I store all of my information and share it with my team using OneNote. We store the OneNote books in SharePoint Online so we all can access them 24/7 using any device. I have also started

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Start your working day with the calendar and not the inbox

Take Control of your time and start the working day by opening your calendar instead of your inbox. You have probably put a lot of time into prioritizing your tasks and meetings, the risk of opening your inbox first is that you spend a lot of time

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Do you dare to ditch email

My blog will from now on only be in english, I know that my readers from Sweden can manage this. I have seen a growing interrest from non-Swedish readers to my blog. One of my goals for 2016 is to be less dependent on emails, I know

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Papperslösa kontoret

Jag möter fortfarande en del som är tveksamma till om det är möjligt att arbeta med det papperslösa kontoret, även bland mina branschkollegor finns de som tvivlar på att det är möjligt. När jag 1984 började i IT-branschen så pratades det redan då om papperslösa kontoret, och

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