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16 years of evolution for SharePoint

This past week was the day when SharePoint turned 16! It was on the 28th of March 2001 that SharePoint was released. Looking back is nothing that I feel is interesting. For those who want to read about the SharePoint history can read this post by Bill Bear.

I will spend this post on what I hope to see as updates for SharePoint evolution. SharePoint is a good service that could be better, these wishes are based on the experiences I have gained from working with customers.

My biggest wish for SharePoint is to get a chance to easily give the users a way to ditch the file explorer. I like the web interface and convince the customers everyday how to avoid the file explorer. There is still some scenarios where the file explorer can´t be avoided. When a user wants to save an attached file from Outlook to SharePoint (not OneDrive) they are still bound to use the explorer window to save the document. I would say that this is the biggest hurdle for users when I teach about the new way to work in SharePoint only from the browser. I know there are 3rd party solutions that will solve these, Microsoft should acquire one of these companies to incorporate it to Office or continue on the integration with Office and SharePoint Online. Today you can save directly to SharePoint or Office 365 Groups but not to SharePoint libraries.

The biggest change in the past and in the future will be around Office 365 Groups and the features of SharePoint with Groups. They are still being developed and enhanced, this past week a long waited enhancement was the ability to restore deleted groups. The Groups today are still lacking some of the features that are used in SharePoint. The clutter with all the groups that customers now are seeing is a nightmare. I would like to see an easy way to navigate through all of the groups to easily find files.

Easier way to build Global Navigation is also a most wanted feature that my customers would like to see. If you have a bunch of Site Collections it is not easy to build a good navigation.

One of the most asked for improvements by users are speed and stability of SharePoint Online, lately we have seen issues with slow performance and too often we see slow loading for SharePoint. I hope this is just temporary and would likely be due to that many customers are growing their usage of SharePoint Online.

There are so many wishes for SharePoint so I can´t go into detail with more than these top wishes. The nice thing about SharePoint is that it is so versatile, some say it is like Lego and some like a Swiss Army knife. I say it is like a jigsaw puzzle, the pictures are different on each box and they contain a different number of pieces. Do you want 15, 50, 500, 5 000, 500 000 or 5 million pieces in your SharePoint puzzle.

If you would like to tell me about your experiences you are welcome get in contact with me find my contacts on our website or connect on Twitter.

This post is live on the 2nd of April, this day 33 years ago (1984) I started my first job in the ICT-industry, what will the next 33 years bring for ICT?